Figma is a sensational interactive design tool that allows you to do everything from wireframing to prototypes in one tool, online. But what Figma doesn't offer is a way to organize and structure your frames.

Pixelic gives a home to all your Figma frames and allow you to manage frame-level versions, and a platform to collaborate.

Why should I connect with Figma?

Connecting Pixelic with Figma allows you to effectively manage all your Figma frames. You can view your frames page-by-page in Pixelic and update each frame for any change you make.

Pixelic gives your Figma frames a home for you to organize and keep track of the change history of your product.

It's a good way to collaborate asynchronously with your fellow designers, engineers, UX writers, marketers, and product managers because you can directly share designs that they need. This removes the hassle of having to go through large Figma files.

Think of Pixelic as a source of truth for your product. When you go to Pixelic, you'll always have the latest design and the previous versions. You'll always have all of the communication/decisions made to the design. You'll have Figma links as well so whenever you want to view them in Figma you can always do so.

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