Slack is a wonderful tool to chat with your team in real-time and discuss about work. At Pixelic, we use Slack extensively to exchange ideas, chat about next features, and more.

Pixelic seamlessly connects with Slack so you can focus on more important things when it comes to collaborating on design.

Why should I connect with Slack?

First, if you connect with Slack, you can share your design along with a comment to a specific Slack channel of your choice. Let's look deeper.

Once you connect your Pixelic account with Slack workspace, you can start sharing designs/comments to a designated Slack channel.

See how "native" the update looks like? Your teammates will see as a Slack update (wouldn't necessarily know you're using another app to share, which will give them comfortability giving feedback).

Slack members can reply to the thread to give feedback. This will be synced with your Pixelic account. See below.

Looks like Dieter commented on our demo update. Let's see what happens in Pixelic now.

Dieter's comments are being synced real-time with Pixelic! Designer(s) on Pixelic can reply back to Dieter's comment without visiting Slack.

As you can see on the screenshots, Pixelic syncs bidirectionally with Slack, so you don't have to switch back and forth between Pixelic and Slack.

Taskifying a comment from Slack

You can also convert Dieter's comment above to a task, so you can follow up on it later. View this guide or see below:

You'll notice that the comment status change to Go to Task once you click Taskify. You can click Go to Task or click Task tab on the navigation bar to view the task.

There! See why you want to connect with Slack? To get started on connecting with Slack, continue viewing this guide, or go directly to your account settings.

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